Mivan employee, John Pat Cunning, recently took part in the Maiden City Motor Club – MJM Group Dogleap Rally at the Shackelton Complex in Ballykelly on August 6th after winning a companywide raffle. He was joined by a team of Mivan supporters at Shackelton Barracks Site to cheer him on. John Pat has vast experience in rallying having taken part in the Torr Head and Glendun Stages and other iconic rally’s.

Earlier this year the MJM Group completed the purchase of the Shackleton Barracks site and plans are in place to bring new businesses and new jobs onto the site and into the area.

2016.09.08With the MJM Group sponsoring the event, a total of 80 crews took to the stages. John Pat Cunning, who represented the MJM Group, was teamed up with Marty Gallagher from Letterkenny in Car 29 – Peugeot 208 R2.

There was an immense battle between two of the best young contenders in Irish rallying, with Marty pitched against his rival Callum Devine who drives an Opel Adam. At the end Marty was a mere 9 seconds behind, having lost his bumper after a bit of contact with another car, overall he finished in a very respectable 6th place overall and 2nd in his class.

John Pat stated “I am thrilled to have had such an amazing experience working alongside such a talented driver”. John Pat was presented with a trophy for his hard work and Marty provided him with various branded merchandise.

Check out the in car camera footage of Marty Gallagher & J.P Cunning during stage 4 of the rally: www.maidencitymotorclub.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18973346-marty-galagher-and-j-p-cunning-stage-4-dogleap-2016